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Triplex Fishery

TRIPLEX is a major supplier of equipment to the fishing fleet. The company is a trendsetter, and famous for its Triplex net hauling equipment. Quality and an excellent reputation have resulted in that Triplex products are sold worldwide.

Our latest development is the Indoor Net Handling System. The prototype was installed onboard the vessel "M/S Libas" in 2004. Today, the next generation Indoor Net Handling System is being installed in the new Eros and Kings Bay purse seiners.




                                                     Triplex Indoor Net Handling System (Patented by Triplex)



 Triplex Net Winch 740 / 425 (New Model in 2011)                                                                          Triplex Indoor Net Crane    



        Triplex Cork Line Stacker                                                                                      Triplex Sink Line Stacker