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Triplex's highly qualified and dedicated staff represent in total a high level of knowledge about our products and many years of invaluable experience.

Triplex AS' objective is to have a good dialogue with the clients, thereby assuring that the products are adapted to meet the customers requirements and that the company maintains the level of service expected and demanded by the individual vessels and the crew. This is why one of Triplex AS' most important operating criteria is the maintenance of those proximity to the changing needs and developments of the market.

Co-operation with the customer is the companys single most important operational criteria. Full functionality testing of the equipment ensures that the equipment functions as intended prior to implementation. Triplex AS' after sales organisation is always available for service and maintenance.

Flexibility is a keyword for Triplex AS. A dedicated service team with a service / standby telephone arrangement is one of the initiatives we have introduced to meet the demands of a market typified by a high level of competitiveness.


     Triplex Service   Multi Deck Handler

    Trawler Equipment   Purse Seiner Equipment


Service Telephone: 90 83 55 95

E-mail: post@triplex.no